Friday, May 17, 2013

How to Cleanse in 7 Days: Be Sexy and Gorgeous From the Inside Out!

My dear friend (and huge E3Live fan!) Evita Ramparte has written a fabulous E-book called How to Cleanse in 7 Days: Be Sexy & Gorgeous From the Inside Out! It’s a quick and very fun read, filled with gorgeous pictures and interesting and insightful thoughts.

In this book, Evita tells her own story of naturally healing herself of cancer and losing a lot of fat, while, at the same time, clearing up her skin and creating a life of exciting new possibilities for herself and for others. What I really love about How to Cleanse in 7 Days is the wisdom and science mixed in with the lighthearted wit Evita is famous for. She takes nothing too seriously, least of all herself, telling her readers to experiment and find for themselves which things work and what to leave behind. 

                 And speaking of leaving things behind, this is a book on 
                 how to cleanse your body as well as your mind and soul. 

Evita writes that we can not be fully cleansed and enjoy optimal health until we truly forgive and clean out our emotional lives, replacing anger and sadness with wonder and joy. In this, she is not alone. Most spiritual and philosophical practices tell us that forgiveness is the path to true peace of mind and health for mind and body. In this book, Evita gives her readers a protocol on just how to clear the mind and soul of negative emotions that have bogged us down for years, even decades.
In a nutshell, this seven day cleanse involves a lot of fresh, organic coconut water (although she does offer a different option if coconut water is not available to you), E3Live BrainOn, much soul-searching and regular enemas. If that last part scares you, like it did me at first, don’t worry. Keep an open mind as you read about the how’s and the why’s and you just might find that it’s not such a strange thing after all. It might also help to take a look at other cultures around the world, in which enemas are a regularly accepted part of caring for the body.

How to Cleanse in 7 Days  also contains recipes for cleansing juices and stories of real people who have done the cleanse and reaped the rewards. 

         All in all, in just an afternoon of reading you can learn much about 
         how your body works and how cleansing can open up a new world 
         of mental and physical health.

Because Evita is such a great friend, I am honored to feature her book on my blog. And because I want you, my readers, to benefit from her experience and wisdom, I am pleased to extend to you a special offer. When you buy How to Cleanse in 7 Days , you will receive a coupon code for $10 off your purchase of fresh-frozen E3Live BrainOn, one of our most popular products and a featured part of Evita’s cleanse. Since How to Cleanse in 7 Days retails for $9.99, it’s like getting the book for free! Click here to download your copy today!

Do you want to leave extra weight, brain fog, skin and digestive problems, negative energy and sleep problems behind? Read How to Cleanse in 7 Days  and you can look and feel radiant and healthy as never before!

Evita Ramparte is a TV Reporter / Journalist, who healed herself of ovarian cancer naturally in the year 2000 and lost 83lbs within 4 months.  Now you can learn her secrets in her new EBook: How to Cleanse in 7 Days.  

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