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Evita Ramparte

Evita Ramparte is a European health journalist, author, speaker, coach and a Transformational Guru. In 2000, she healed herself of ovarian cancer through conscious awakening and living foods. Today, she is empowering you to be the Master Of Your Reality.  More info:

Chris T. Armstrong is a percussionist/composer, Secular Transhumanist, martial artist and Powerlifter. Back in the 20th century, he was also a student and researcher in Artificial Intelligence (neural modeling), Lisp programming and a professional software geek. More info: 

Montino Bourbon was born in Italy in 1942, first tasted catchup sometime around 1948 in Austria and fell in love. He came to America in 1950, tasted Heinz catchup, and renewed his love affair. A musician by profession, he plays the classical music of India, and for the last few years has been specializing more in composing. Montino has worked as a chef in a restaurant for 3 years, and does most of his family's cooking. He decided to do research on catchup in order to find something more organic than Heinz. 

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