Sunday, May 12, 2013

Health Heroes - Papa Joe Aviance

I think that it is really important to recognize the every day heroes who live amongst us and inspire us to reach higher and live bigger than we think we are capable of doing. So, I'm starting another new series I'm calling Health Heroes! 

Papa Joe Aviance is the inspirational dynamo behind Walk For Life, a walking tour of the U.S. designed to help get people moving and living a healthier lifestyle. From his website:

        Hi! My name is Papa Joe Aviance!

        I have struggled with my weight my entire life, but 2008 
        was the breaking point. I had achieved success by releasing 
        a top Billboard house/dance track called "Last Nigh a DJ 
        Saved My Life", but I still wasn't happy - I was 450 pounds 

        at the time. The music video was playing all over the place 
        and I couldn't stand the thought of people seeing me like
        that. It was then that I decided to lose the weight once and 
        for all. I started walking up to 5 miles around Los Angeles 
        every morning. Now, 2 years later, I have successfully lost 
        over 250 pounds, naturally, without the use of a gym, gastric  
        bypass or crazy fad diets and I feel healthier and happier than 
        I ever have before. I have the mentality that if I can do it, 
        anyone can do it and that's why I'm paying it forward and  
        taking my message to the streets. City by city, state by state,  
        I'm expanding my walking route to motivate and inspire
        others to see that they can achieve their goals and LIVE FOR 
        LIFE! America, it's time to WALK IT OUT!!

It's safe to say that, though the details of our lives are different, most of us can relate to Papa Joe's story. Check out what he's up to:

What I love about his plan to get America walking is that it is such an easy thing to incorporate into your life. Almost anyone can take a walk, even if it's just a few minutes a day to start with. Done consistently, the health rewards have been firmly established in numerous studies. The mental and physical benefits of walking have changed countless lives, and, if Papa Joe has his way, millions more will be transformed.

Is there an area in your life in which you can make small changes that will improve your mental and physical health? Do you know any real life Health Heroes who inspire you?

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