Tuesday, March 26, 2013

World’s Easiest Snack Recipe

I’m not joking with that blog title. This really is as easy as it gets, folks. Plus, this particular snack has been proven to have exceptional anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits. 

So, it’s easy to make, delicious and good for you, too? What’s the catch? Well, there is a small one. The nutritional benefits seem to degrade after about 5-7 days of refrigeration, so you have to eat these babies pretty darned fast. Which, really, if you think about it, isn’t hard at all. If anything, you’ll have a hard time NOT eating them. 

You might be saying to yourself, hey, that's just celery! And, you're right. But, storing it in water brings out the flavors  and adds a crunch that can't be beat. Seriously, you've got to try it to believe it. Ok, so here’s the recipe.

        World’s Easiest Snack Recipe

         Fresh organic celery
         Filtered (or spring) water

Wash and cut the celery, put the pieces into the container and cover with water. Store in the refrigerator and munch on them whenever you want a crunchy snack, or toss them in salads, stuff them with nut butters, let your imagination run wild. Change the water every other day. And that’s it! Didn’t I tell you it was easy?



  1. I love celery! I read somewhere that it is a negative-calorie food, that you burn more calories just eating it than the amount of calories actually in the celery (plain celery that is). Not sure if this is true, but sounds pretty good to me! :)

  2. it's a free food with wieght wachters