Monday, August 12, 2013

Honor the Elderly

All too often, we see a wrinkled face, a bent back, a slow shuffling step, and we are quick to jump to conclusions about the person living in that body. We may not even be aware that we are falling into the easy trap of discounting a person's worth simply because their bodies, and sometimes their minds, have grown feeble with age. Let's remember that we all start as soft, tiny human beings, taking in the wonder of the world with new eyes. Years may change our outsides, but, within, we all carry the spirit that is ever ourselves throughout our entire lives.

If I ever find myself judging an elderly person for what they are no longer able to do, I try to picture them at their strongest, most vibrant age, and that helps me relate to them as a fellow human being, not just an "old person". Take time to engage an elderly person in conversation, and I promise, you will be the better for it. We have much to teach each other and much to learn. Will you find time in your life to honor the elderly?

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