Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Difficult Times

More and more often, it seems, I wake up to news of a terrible tragedy having affected this country. When natural disasters strike, while there’s sadness and a sense of loss, we tend to understand that these things happen and we deal appropriately with the situations. 

But when the lives of innocent people are horribly altered because of the violent actions of a few individuals, it’s much harder to pick ourselves up and get on with things.

I look at my precious children and I wonder what kind of world they will be living in when they grow up. And that’s what gives me the strength and motivation to lift my head up above the sadness and sense of futility that follows an event like the bombings in Boston yesterday.

I know that every person matters and that all of our thoughts and actions contribute to creating the world we share. That’s why I choose to be kind and steer clear of negative thoughts and destructive deeds. If I can be of help, I help. If someone needs an open heart and a shoulder to cry on, I am there.  I prefer to raise my voice in joy and laughter instead of in anger.

Do I always succeed in being the best person that I can be? Hardly. Am I perfect? Far from it. But the good news is that I, like all of us, have a chance every minute of every day to make a fresh start.  And by leading lives of love and generosity, we all can affect real change in the world, both in small ways and in large. 

So, take a moment every day to decide what role you will have in the course of events and then go out into the world and make your presence felt.

With much love and compassion for all those affected by tragedy,



  1. You are right Tamera, it is often that we are met by our own unconscious thoughts, beliefs and actions in this crazy & fast paced world we live in and loose sight of what's really important. I try and stay focused too! Thank you very much for this post Tamera!

    1. Thanks, Suenet. It's good to remember that none of us has it all figured out. We are all works in progress. :)